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Stock Donations

Can I dontate stock to ENF?
Some members and friends have asked if they could donate stock to ENF. The answer is yes.
How can I dontate stock to ENF?
We now have set up two different ways through which you can transfer and donate your stock to ENF.
  • With the first method you need a computer. Just go to StockDonator.com and find Eagle Nature Foundation in the list of nonprofits. Click onto it and follow the directions. It should be fairly simple. The advantage for ENF is that we get the greatest percentage of money from this method.
  • The second method is that we have an investment account with Wayne Hummer Investments through our local bank. Our investment advisor is Chris Weiss, telephone number, 815-777-6300. Our Account Number is: 5844-8533-131. You may also need the FA Code: 69CW. If you have any stock you would like to donate to ENF, just call Chris and tell him our Account Number and explain what stock you would like to donate. He will help you with any of the details.
With both of these methods ENF will receive notice of the donation within a few days. A stock donation now will ensure that you will receive your maximum tax benefits this year before the taxes go up and the value of your stock goes down, plus before other things must be considered. The Wayne Hummer route will result in their firm taking a percentage for transfer fees and other fees based on the amount of the stock donation. With the Stockdonator method we only lose a small percentage that does not vary by the size of the donation. We have set up these methods so that you can donate your stock today, or even bequest in your will that ENF is to be given some of your stock when you or your family no longer need it.
Contact us
If you have any questions, please call your ENF office, 815-594-2306 or contact us through our website.
Thanks for your support!
The Eagle Nature Foundation appreciates your support.