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Ingram Insurance Services was started in 1970 when Terrence N. Ingram quit teaching to start serving as an agent for New York Life Insurance Company. In 1971 New York Life recognized Ingram as one of their Health Insurance Sales Leaders. In 1972 he was named Rookie of the Year by New York Life. In 1993 New York Life honored Ingram as one of their top 50 Structured Finance Sales Leaders in the nation. In 1997 he was given the Honorable Designation of SENIOR NYLIC. In 2004 Ingram retired from New York Life as a Senior Nylic, after having served as a company representative for over 27 years.

Over the years Ingram had expanded his business to sell insurance for many other companies which had life, health and annuity policies and benefits which New York Life never offered. In 1988 he expanded his business even further to include property and casualty insurance as well as life and health. At one time Ingram Insurance Services represented over 35 companies as it tried to offer its clients the best policies which would fit their individual needs. After his stroke in 2005, Ingram sold his property and casualty business to concentrate only on life, health and annuities. Today Ingram specializes primarily with Medicare Supplement policies offering what he feels are the best policies offered by the best and strongest companies. But he also offers short term major medical policies for those persons being between jobs or having lost their insurance benefits from work.


Terrence Ingram is the only agent in Ingram Insurance Services. His sales area includes Illinois and Wisconsin, concentrating primarily on those persons living in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. He will be glad to talk to anyone about their life and health insurance questions and to discuss their needs, but has never in his life used pressure to make a sale. Anyone with questions about life, health or annuities may call or come into the office. An appointment is recommended as Mr. Ingram is not in the office all of the time. If desired he would also be glad to go your home for such a discussion.

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Ingram Insurance Services
300 East Hickory Street
Apple River, IL 61001
Ph: 815-594-2305