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ENF Research and Education Programs

The Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF) has several ongoing research and education programs. Each year ENF coordinates the Annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Count, as well as a bald eagle nest monitoring program to determine if there is a decline in young American Bald Eagles as is being reported in some parts of the country. ENF has formed a Junior Eagle Nature Club to promote a love and understanding of nature among the youth of this nation.

ENF Eagle Habitat Preservation Programs

In all of the United States there is only on group, the Eagle Nature Foundation, which has the preservation of Bald Eagle lands and endangered species habitat as its major goal. We in ENF believe it is essential to act quickly to achieve this goal. ENF strives to save not only nesting areas, but also sheltered roosting valleys to help the majestic eagle survive the harsh winters. ENF is deeply committed to this goal and is involved in the preservation of these areas through purchase and enforcement of present protection laws.

Funding Habitat Preservation Efforts
ENF's primary source of funding is through our members and friends. A large percentage of our membership dues are used each year for these activities. However, other donations are essential to keep our many activities moving to a successful conclusion.

Membership dues don't begin to cover the full cost of ENF's preservation efforts, activities and programs. In addition to dues, money comes from donations, corporate and foundation grants, loans, research contracts, sale items and activities, such as bus tours. ENF currently has several programs available to the public to fund ENF's habitat preservation and other programs. For information on these essential programs, please select the links below.