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For Immediate Release November 7, 2016

Early Bird Discount — Nebraska Bus Tour

Terrence N. Ingram, Exec. Dir. of the Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF) has just announced that ENF is offering a 10 % discount for their 4-day Wildlife/Historical Bus Tour, March 13-16, 2017, to anyone who registers for this tour before Jan. 1, 2017. This discount applies to all rates, including the ENF membership rate and the group rate for 4 or more people.

This year’s tour is the earliest in the season it has ever been scheduled. Because of this, the chances of seeing hundreds of thousands of snow geese migrating North, which have stopped in the area on their Northern migration, is greatly increased. During some past tours we have seen lakes that were solid white with snow geese, seen huge flocks of snow geese flying overhead, and one year participants were able to witness a flock of snow geese high in the sky that stretched from horizon to horizon. All of these sights, as well as seeing the hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes, which stop in the area to fatten up for the last leg of their Northward migration, and seeing prairie dog colonies as the pioneers saw them, may be seen by participants during this 4 days of exciting stops. Each person can have his or her own window for viewing and two seats for sitting. Join the tour for good food and making some great friends.

All of these great nature views are combined with fantastic historical sites, such as: Fort Kearney, the first fort on the Oregon Trail; a pioneer village; Stuhr Pioneer Museum; the 1865 Steamboat, Bertrand; a World War II German Prisoner of War Museum, and much more.

Until the web page is up-dated a person will need a brochure to register for this trip. To get a brochure, call ENF’s office 815-594-2306 and leave your name and address, or write: Eagle Nature Foundation, 300 East Hickory Street, Apple River, IL 61001.

For more information contact: Terrence N. Ingram, Exec. Director, Eagle Nature Foundation, 300 East Hickory St., Apple River, IL 61001 Phone 815-594-2306

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