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For Immediate Release January 30, 2015

Registration Deadline Approaching

Apple River) The Eagle Nature Foundation’s deadline of Feb. 15 for registering for their March 16-19 Wildlife/Historical bus tour is approaching. Reservations for the rooms, restaurants and all of the attractions that will be visited during the tour have to be made in advance. Each year stops are made at new attractions for the enjoyment and edification of those people who are taking the tour a second or third time.

Anyone interested should call 815-594-2306, or visit ENF’s website, for details and costs. If two couples should take the trip together, they can receive a group discount and if they should join ENF at the time they register they will receive another discount.

For more information contact: Terrence N. Ingram, Exec. Director, Eagle Nature Foundation, 300 East Hickory St., Apple River, IL 61001 Phone 815-594-2306

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