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For Immediate Release June 18, 2014

Three New Members Elected to RAB Board

Savanna, IL) At the last meeting of the Savanna Army Depot Restoration Advisory Board, (RAB), on June 12, three new volunteers were elected as community members of the RAB board. They are Susan Ertmer from Scales Mound, Judy Fitzpatrick from Mt. Carroll, and Helen Kilgore from Elizabeth. They will join the other nine community members currently serving on the Savanna Army Depot Activity (SVDA) RAB board. In addition to the community members, the RAB board has a representative from the US EPA, Illinois EPA and the US Army for a total of 15 members.

The RAB is a stakeholder group (local citizens) that meets on a regular basis to discuss environmental restoration of a specific property that is either currently, or was formerly, owned by the Department of Defense, (DoD), but where DoD oversees the environmental restoration process. RABs enable people interested in the environmental cleanup at a specific installation to exchange information with representatives of regulatory agencies, the installation, and the community. RABs offer members the opportunity to influence cleanup decisions through discussion and to provide input to the installation decision makers, those agencies involved in the cleanup.

The SVDA is located on 13,062 acres in Jo Daviess and Carroll counties. It was activated as the Savanna Proving Ground in 1918 for the proof testing of large caliber ammunition. Ordnance storage facilities were expanded from 1918 to 1921, when the name was changed to the Savanna Ordnance Depot. During 1939 and 1941 additional magazines, administration buildings, and new bomb and shell loading plants were constructed. The last mission of the installation was to receive, store, issue, and demilitarize conventional ammunition and general supplies.

In 1995 the Installation was placed on the Base Realignment Closure List and officially closed as a military installation in March 2000. Now the installation has to be cleaned up and returned to the public.

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