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For Immediate Release April 4, 2014

ENF Bird Day

Apple River) The Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF), will be sponsoring a Bird Day on Saturday, April 26 that is free and open to the public. Donations will always be accepted.

The day will begin at 10:00 am in the basement of the Apple River Presbyterian Church with a bird identification slide show by the Master Birder, Terrence Ingram. Mr. Ingram has been a Master Bird Bander for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for over 50 years and has served as a Bird Instructor for both the Wisconsin Audubon Camp at Sarona, WI and the summer camp of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists in Red Bay, Ontario. In addition to the slide show, there will be a discussion of different field guides, binoculars and scopes that can be used to identify the birds and see them up close.

Each person is to bring their own field guides and binoculars, and a sack lunch, which will be eaten right after the slide show. Then at 1:00 pm everyone will visit the Apple Creek Arboretum, Prairie and Woods to look for birds and to practice what they had learned during the slide show. Some binoculars will be available to use by those persons who do not have a pair.

This Bird Day is designed for those people who are not bird watchers as well as for those who have been watching birds for a long time.

For more information contact: Terrence N. Ingram, Exec. Director, Eagle Nature Foundation, 300 East Hickory St., Apple River, IL 61001 Phone 815-594-2306

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