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ENF Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Report

Use this form to submit a nest monitoring report. You can submit online, or you can print up this report and mail to: Eagle Nature Foundation, 300 E. Hickory St., Apple River, IL 61001.

Please submit as much information as you can. You smart phone can assist in location information. If you do not know everything, you are at least supplying us with enough information to perform follow up monitoring.

Monitoring Report Form

Your information
Observer's name: * Report Date: *
Mailing Address: Email Address: *
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Unrecorded Nest, Basic Information
Unrecorded Nest?    If this is an urecorded nest, please complete this section as best as possible
Nest Name: Lattitude/Longitude:
to nearest town:
Directions to nest:
Observer Location:
Ownership: Landowner:
Nest Address:
Nest Tree Species: Phone:
Size of Nest:: Nest Position:
# Years at Site:
Permission to Visit Nest Site:

Nest Site Visit Information
Nest Name: Observation Date: *
Observation Time: From* To* Weather:
Nest Condition: Tree Condition:
Active Nest: with # of Adults * Tags/Bands:
Nest Status: If "Other" status:
Number of Chicks: Est. Hatch Date:
Condition of Chicks:
Threats Observed:
Behaviors Observed-Adults:
Behaviors Observed-Chicks:
Additional Comments:
A few are required, those are marked with *