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ENF Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program

Our nation's bald eagle population appears to be suffering from some problem(s). We are not yet positive as to how widespread the problem is or how severe it is. But we do know that some parts of the country have reported to be producing fewer young eagles, in spite of there being more nesting attempts.
Does a problem exist?
The first step that must be taken is to determine if a problem exists and, if so, what its cause might be. To accomplish this goal, ENF has implemented the North American Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program to monitor as many nests in as many states and provinces as possible, throughout the nesting season.
Sponsor a Nest
For this program to be successful we need the help of your school, church, organization, or you personally to sponsor one or more nests. We ask for a donation of $100 per nest.

To donate by mail:
Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd.
North American Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program
300 East Hickory Street
Apple River, IL 61001
To donate by online:
Be a Volunteer -- Submit an Eagle Nest Monitoring Report
You don't need to sponsor a nest, but if you know of a nest and would like to monitor it, or have been monitoring it, please take a few minutes and submit a Monitoring Report. click here for instructions on how to submit a Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Report
Thanks for your support!
The Eagle Nature Foundation appreciates your support.