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ENF Loan Portfolio

What is the Loan Portfolio?
The Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF) offers 5% yearly interest for secured loans of $500 or greater.
$100,000 is the maximum total loans that will be accepted at the present time.

As of February 2015, we presently have openings for about $40,000 for someone wishing to invest. If interested, please contact ENF to confirm whether there are still openings available.
Who can apply for a loan?
This offer is open to anyone with ENF membership, or to anyone of the general public.
Why should I apply for a loan?
Anyone looking for a better annual interest rate than most CD's presently offer should contact ENF.
Contact us
For more information or to see if there is any need for a loan at the present time, please contact us.
Thanks for your support!
The Eagle Nature Foundation appreciates your support.