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ENF's Annual Plant and Shrub Sale 2018

  • Spring of 2018

Plant and Shrub Details

ENF plant and scrub sale It is off season for plant and shrub sales as any remaining inventory is now in storage for the winter. Check back for addtional information in the spring time when we take out of storage and receive a new spring shipment.
For a peek, here is our list of inventory available for purchase for next spring.

How and Where to Purchase

During the late spring, all summer and early fall, all of these plants are on a serve-yourself basis at our office in Apple River. Plants and scrubs can be seen any day of the week from dawn to dusk. The value for each plant is placed on a sign by the plant, or on a description sheet which may be found on the porch. There is also a money box on the porch in which to place the dollars for whatever plants someone should choose. If anyone leaves a check, their names and addresses will be put on a list and will be notified whenever ENF should get new plant shipments.

Why Purchase

Your Donation Benefits the Eagle Nature Foundation.

All proceeds for the plants you choose help raise needed monies for our efforts to protect the bald eagle and its habitat. People are urged, whenever possible, to add an extra donation to their money they leave in the money box.

Special Thanks!

These plants come courtesy of Roy and Sarah Klehm, from Barrington, IL and come from their Beaver Creek Nursery in Popular Grove, IL, or Song Sparrow Nursery in Avalon, WI. The donation of plants like these each year help the Eagle Nature Foundation receive the funds needed to continue with its bald eagle research and work in helping to save vital bald eagle habitat across the nation from destruction.

Thanks for your support!

The Eagle Nature Foundation appreciates your support.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.