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ENF's Bakeless Bake Sale 2016

How to Purchase

Start by downloading our bakeless bake form. Send your order form and payment to 300 East Hickory Street, Apple River, IL 61001. If you wish to pay online by credit card, contact us for details.

The Details

Our Bakeless Bake Sale has been so popular the past two summers that ENF's Board of Directors has decided to once again hold a bakeless bake sale this summer to raise needed funds for the organization. We have set prices on various virtual food items for our members to purchase. By using virtual food items we do not have any preparation expenses or mailing costs. ENF receives 100% of the money without any expenses and everyone who purchases an item receives 100% credit for this purchase as a write-off on their taxes, as they receive nothing in return. With no calories or carbs involved, it is a win-win activity for everyone. It is excellent for those people on a weight loss diet.

After you have made your purchase you have the responsibility to imagine how delicious the food is as you imagine your family is eating it. I hope it will be some the most delicious food they have ever tasted. As your mouth waters thinking about this food, its taste will be enhanced, knowing that in addition to this delicious food your purchase has helped ENF in its efforts to keep the bald eagle flying free.

During the past few weeks we have been receiving e-mails and phone calls from across the nation for help to keep threatened bald eagle habitat protected. Our Bald Eagle News will have some of these different problems explained. Every single one of these requests has stated that the people had tried to get other government agencies and organizations to help, but ENF was the only one who would offer to help. ENF many times has never gotten credit for even being involved in different fights, but our efforts have influenced the final outcome of many of them. We speak out whenever we can, and try to help the local groups that are involved in these fights in any way possible.

Thanks for your support!

The Eagle Nature Foundation appreciates your support.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 815-594-2306 or email us.