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Bequests to Eagle Nature Foundation

What is a bequest?
A bequest, specifically to the Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd. (ENF), is a unique and precious way to preserve the natural environment for both the bald eagle and man for generations to come. Through bequest giving, your concern for wilderness, wildlife preservation, and endangered species extends far beyond your own lifetime.

There are many forms of bequests as shown in the following Bequest Types. We urge you to study these brief descriptions of bequest types, various tax advantages, and use by ENF. They offer the rare chance to enhance the future of your children and grandchildren in the natural world.
Types of bequests
  1. The most useful bequest type is an unrestricted outright gift, allowing specific use to be determined by the ENF Board of Directors. This permits flexibility to cope with changing programs, problems, and financial conditions.
  2. Another type of bequest is a specified use gift for one particular program, such as land purchase, bald eagle research, environmental education, and endangered species preservation , to be used as directed by you.
  3. Your bequest may specify that only income from investment may be used, thus perpetuating your present annual gift. This would go into our Endowment Fund.
  4. You may also specify that the principal gift, as well as income from its investment, may be used by ENF.
Tax Advantages
  1. A bequest gift of money, property, or securities is free of estate or inheritance taxes.
  2. A bequest gift making ENF a life insurance beneficiary may also have tax advantages.
  3. A one-time gift of money, securities, or land is tax deductible.
  4. A gift spread over a period of years may have tax benefits.
  5. Property given to ENF may be reserved for your lifetime use, and still provide substantial tax benefits.
Additional Info
In all matters concerning your will or a living trust, consult your attorney. ENF will gladly provide any information or assistance regarding bequest types and tax advantages.
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