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About the Eagle Nature Foundation

The Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd. (ENF) is an international non-profit environmental preservation organization formed in 1995 to pick up the ball that had been dropped by the Eagle Foundation's demise in 1988. The foundation conducts a variety of exciting programs to save our national symbol and other endangered species from extinction, and to increase public awareness of unique, endangered plants and animals.

  • Habitat Preservation - ENF monitors bald eagle and other endangered wildlife populations and strives to preserve habitat that is vital to the survival of those populations.
  • Public Information - ENF provides accurate and timely publications, news releases, brocures and audio-visual programs to communicate the need to help eagles and other wildlife.
  • Education - ENF provides materials for schools to inform students about the needs of the bald egle and discuss our responsibility to preserve and protect the natural environment.
  • Research - ENF funds and conducts bald eagle research, disseminates research results, and sponsors international Bald Eagle Days, North America's most important bald eagle research meeting.
  • Legislation - ENF regularly supports and works for laws that will preserve vital wildlife habitat.
  • Legal Action - When necessary, ENF will take legal action to save threatened wildlife habitat.

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Please visit the Events page for information on upcoming Eagle Nature Foundation events.