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Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd.

The Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd. (ENF) is an international, non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt, organization, which develops and implements habitat preservation strategies for endangered species, conducts a wide variety of nature education and awareness programs, engages in and supports bald eagle research, conducts fund-raising drives to preserve endangered species' habitats, and provides funds for monitoring efforts.

In addition to helping to save habitat, ENF is developing a nationwide program of publicity about the bald eagle and other endangered species to make the American public aware of the plight of our national symbol and the need to preserve the wilderness it requires to survive.

Throughout the year a variety of ENF publications and news releases present information about the bald eagle and other wildlife issues and problems, as well as events sponsored by the organization.

Eagle Nature Foundation Membership is open to the public (see membership benefits page). In addition, Eagle Nature Foundation is supported through the generosity of our Corporate Sponsors (see corporate sponsor program page).

Visit our Corporate Sponsor Listing page to meet our sponsors!

Please click on the button below to make a secure tax deductible donation through PayPal. Or mail your donation along with the name and address of the donating party to:

Eagle Nature Foundation, Ltd.
300 East Hickory Street
Apple River, IL 61001
Phone: 815-594-2306
Fax: 815-594-2305

Visit the Events page, or click the links below for information on Eagle Nature Foundation events.

Junior Eagle Nature Club

The Eagle Nature Foundation (ENF) has several ongoing research and education programs.

Annual Midwinter Bald Eagle Count
Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program
Junior Eagle Nature Club

ENF currently has several programs available to the public to fund ENF's habitat preservation and other programs. For information on these essential programs, select the links below.

ENF Corporate Sponsor Program
ENF Endowment Fund
ENF Loan Portfolio
Bequests to ENF